SPIWD, the company engaged in skill development training and assessment, is looking for qualified assessors pan India. The company adopts state-of-the-art assessment tools and technology to make the process a learning experience. It engages in Govt projects, private sector initiatives and NGO’s.

Designation: Manager-Assessment
Employment: Contract
Required locations: PAN India
Assessor location: Chosen/Assigned geographical area
Vertical: Automotive/Construction/Retail/Agriculture/travel hospitality & tourism

You can apply for any one of the vertical mentioned above.

Job Description: The candidate is expected to perform the following job roles:
1) Conduct online/offline assessment of trainees in the assigned geographical area.
2) Provide inputs on the quality of training.
3) Ensure quality in process of assessment.
4) Complete the process of assessment by updating data in company’s server.
5) Conduct training session of a given skill set where ever required.
6) Travel in the assigned geographical area.

Job requirement:
1) Relevant academic and occupational qualifications.
2) Good hands-on experience and occupational expertise.
3) Excellent communication skills, able to communicate in local language.
4) Understanding of factors for assessment of competencies at various levels.
5) Cross-functional understanding.
6) At least 10 years’ experience in the vocation applied for.
7) Willingness to make a social impact.
8) the candidate will have to undergo training and pass the certification exam before being accredited to perform as assessor in respective vertical.

Travel: The assignment would require travel in the assigned geographical area. Arrangements of journey by taxi/train etc. would be made by company where necessary.

1) Attractive compensation - a CTC of INR 2.0 lac to 3.0 lac per year. This may change for each profile.
2) Company is contemplating medical insurance.
3) Receive world class training and interface with Industry leaders.
4) An opportunity to grow with the company. We welcome retired University professor, VRS/Retd PSU employees and other people in various fields who want to play their second inning.

Please contact the following to apply with updated resume.

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